Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Critical alignment therapy & yoga Institute
Moscow, Russia
Gert Van Leeuwen
Project Mission Statement
Our mission is to support the development of Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga (CAT-Y) in Russia.

Project Goals
We have the following goals in support of our mission:

1. To promote the style to all people and audiences, in a general way that has broad appeal but also appreciates different perspectives. We want to help people in our society return to their natural state of health, to help them live a life in which joy, lightness, enthusiasm, care, personal responsibility and curiosity are the leading forces of their actions.

2. To create a large team of excellent teachers who contribute to the uniformity of the method. Our teachers will try to deeply understand the needs of their students and therefore contribute to the teaching method in general.

3. To create a large group of therapists who want to protect and strengthen the strong anatomical foundation of Critical Alignment in order to give more publicity to the safety of the practice and the broad therapeutic applications of the method.

4. To create a research group. Members of this group are aim to connect Critical Alignment with different movements in our society, such as academia, sports and the arts. The results of this group will be widely published.

CAY unites a workout with meditation. It unites physical strength with emotional strength. It unites detailed physical knowledge with the experience of the whole body. It unites relaxation with willpower.

CAY gives you a new experience of the word 'yoga', which means 'union'. It is a deep and concrete union of the physical, the breath, the emotional and thought, observed by a silent, meditative brain which is ready to accept the new in trust, ready to transform.
Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY)
The body carries our feelings. It is the foundation of our emotional household.

Release of physical tension, therefore, means the release of psychological tension. Through physical release, we become stronger in our body, stable in our feelings. CAT does not accept chronic physical or mental disease. The key to that radical statement is that the both physical and the psychological need a transformation process, from the negative to the positive, that only you can perform. The method is strong, safe, understandable and simple. The diagnosis is precise and the teaching is clear. But CAT teaches you that, in the end, only you can cure yourself.
Critical Alignment Trerapy (CAT)
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