Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow


All of the teachers in our school are certified in the Critical Alignment method.

After they have begun teaching, they join special, ongoing training under the supervision of Gert van Leeuwen, the founder of Critical Alignment. Through this training, van Leeuwen will continue to provide intensive guidance to the teachers in the coming years, based on anatomical equality and psychological creativity.
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Anatomical Equality

Critical Alignment is a method with a strong anatomical foundation that anyone understand. It is logical and safe, and everyone in the class can translate the teacher's words into a personal experience. The teachers think and act from the same source: they know the content in detail, and they know the difference between Critical Alignment and other or complementary therapies and medical treatments.

Critical Alignment teachers are not personally motivated by status or success. On the contrary, the team works as a whole, with the common goal of accelerating the process of healing.The intensive training they participate in assumes that all participants are equal because they speak the same language. In the field of yoga, this is an exceptional innovation: until now, a transparent, anatomical foundation did not exist.

Neither standard yoga classes or traditional medical approaches offer effective solutions for the spine and spine-related ailments. For example, even with all of today's advanced medical technologies and expertise, studies show that lower-back pain is non-specific in 90 percent cases, that is, the cause of the pain cannot be determined (see Koes, van Tulder & Thomas 2006 and Maher, Underwood and Buchbinder 2016).

Critical Alignment teachers are strong and independent as individuals, but they also use the larger group to share experiences and intervision (learning guided by the group) and ask advice from colleagues in a fast, efficient way. The team in our school therefore, becomes an important part of the growth and development of the method. Research and practical treatment go together in this unique setting.

Psychological Creativity

The creative aspect is based on the relation with our CAY students or CAT clients.
Confrontations with strain in our bodies provoke automatic negative reactions. They are numerous: every individual created his or hers own behavior which may block the development of release. Teachers are also affected by their own reactions and develop certain blind spots. Sometimes it is difficult for teachers to see others' strategies because they are similar to their own. However, recognising aspect of teaching proves that teachers are just human beings, as well.

Communication within the team of teachers is essential to creating deeper understanding and creative solutions. This is a never ending process that our teachers are very aware of, and they are willing to open up and be receptive to their colleagues' advice.
Our teachers are very skilled but, still, they do not think they are 'more or better than' their students. From the perspective of negative behavior and going through it, they need to connect themselves very deeply with their students. Once this happens, they have the opportunity to grow together.

The relationship between the teacher and the student or client is based on teamwork.
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