Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Ermolaev Alexey
What I like so much about critical alignment is that you can feel the effect of it already after the very first class. The method has a proper anatomical foundation, a very practical approach, and no chit-chat. *

I was looking for solutions to my problems in classic yoga, but only found them in critical alignment

This method covers deep levels of both physical and mental. It is the method about true love to you yourself and to the world.

14:00 - 15:30 CA Yoga INTERMEDIATE 90'
13:30 - 15:00 CA Yoga INTERMEDIATE 90'

  • 2010г. Lakulish Yoga Institut
  • 2014г. Международный Альянс Йоги под руководством Андрея Вербы.
  • 2015г. Знакомство с методом. Первый обучающий семинар с Хертом ван Льюэном
  • Февраль 2018г. курс Терапия
  • Май 2018г. - ретрит на Валдае с Ольгой Крикуновой
  • Сентябрь 2018г. курс Йога
  • Октябрь 2018г. ретрит на Валдае.
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