Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
In planning and building the studio, our main focus was to create an atmosphere of trust, care and support. We paid particular attention to designing a space that is comfortable for both practice and socialising.

Gert van Leeuwen, the founder of Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga, is from Amsterdam, so we chose to use a modern Northen European style in the design, with several Dutch aspects in the decor. Industrial concrete and pipes, together with wooden floors and walls in all the halls and green wall in the social area, create a contrast between urban and natural aesthetics.

All changing rooms have heated floors and comfortable lockers and showers. The toilets are made in Japan, some of them are with special features that provide additional support for students. Integrated lights with dimming systems create maximum comfort for the eyes, and sound isolation and sound absorption in all the halls minimise external sounds and echoing. A sophisticated climate control ventilation system provides fresh air and optimal temperatures for all types of classes.

Our international project team put a lot of passion into building this studio and this website. We all wanted to contribute to creating a space in line with the mission of the project: to help people in our society return to their natural state of health, to help them live a life in which joy, lightness, enthusiasm, care, personal responsibility and curiosity are the leading forces of their actions.

We really hope that you feel it, too!
Project Architect - Elena Dzyuba
Construction Contractor - Gevorg Klekchan
We are located at:
Russia, Moscow, Yakimansky line 6 / entrance from the entrance from the Maronovsky line
* In the building there is an entry access system, be sure to take your passport or driver's license with you
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