Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow


20 years ago, when I was 45, had a family, 2 almost adult children and an office job, I started to attend yoga and qigong. And very soon I noticed how my state changed both physically and emotionally.

I'm very grateful for meeting many teachers and gurus of different styles of yoga. I was lucky to be able to take a few teachers courses in different yoga styles and still having my job in a big company I started teaching yoga therapy in 2009.

I came across critical alignment in autumn 2011 in Moscow. I only tried 2 very basic exercises then: the double strap and the thin roll under the shoulder blades, but accompanied by Gert's wise words it gave me incredible feedback about my spine and an explosion of different thoughts and feelings. Since then I've been keeping up with all the teachers trainings on the method.
Learning and applying the method helps me to keep balance in all spheres of my life, to maintain mobility and space in my joints and spine, to accept aging in a calm way and to enjoy life and simple things in it.
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