Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow


As any person who is forced to sit long hours in front of the computer due to his profession I eventually developed back problems, was getting tired quickly and generally didn't feel good. Trying to maintain my health I went to a yoga center. There were all kinds of yoga but fortunately for me the first class I took turned out to be a critical alignment class. I felt improvements already after the first session and I realized that I have found a method which can fulfill my needs. The longer I practice and the deeper I dive into the method the more I'm amazed how simple and effective it is and how much it can improve one's life.
Monday to Friday Tatiana is a project chef architect, when in the evenings and weekends she is a critical alignment teacher. And for 24/7 she a a beautiful cheerful person and a reliable friend. Personal practice since 2016, she has passed critical alignment yoga teachers training, several retreats with Gert van Leeuwen in Valday and France. She is also a part of teachers training 2.0 programm.
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