Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Kulyabko Elena
I'd been looking for a method to survive. My sedentary office lifestyle had caused me some physical disabilities despite 15 years of going to the gym, doing hatha yoga, and in general living a very active social life. I almost immediately felt my quality of life improve. Back then, I couldn't even have dreamt that we'd only scratched the surface. Now my practice is changing my structure - on a skeletal, psychological and mental level. It's as though I'm designing myself from scratch.

I think the possibility of change that the method provides is what makes it unique compared to other body practice techniques I have come across. Getting into the classes, you feel at first how the body becomes softer and the stiffness disappears. You then start feeling changes at the bone level, in the joints, and you learn to switch the inner 'manager' off. You start realizing that forcing the body though will power doesn't work, but that this method lets you talk and communicate with the body. It is a paradox: you can only achieve this ambitious goal by turning your will power off.

CAT-Y is the method which opens up an endless creative potential of self-knowledge. You experience real, measurable changes, which you take with you into daily life; they become a part of you. Even after a fairly long break between practices you pick up from where you left off, because the body remembers how good it was. The speed of improvement in the practice is the speed of self-acceptance and development of consciousness, letting go of all those blockages. And this is the most exciting journey in the world. This is my super motivation!
12:00 - 13:00 CA-Yoga J-Spine. Upper back 60'
13:00 - 14:00 CA-Yoga J-Spine. Lower back 60'
10:00 - 11:00 CA Therapy 60'

  • Апрель 2016 - курс Херта ван Льюэна по терапии
  • Август 2016 - ретрит Херта ван Льюэна во Франции
  • Октябрь 2016 - ретрит Херта ван Льюэна на Валдае
  • Июль 2017 - ретрит Херта ван Льюэна во Франции
  • Октябрь 2018 - курс Херта ван Люьэна по йоге и получение полной лицензии
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