Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Grechina Natalia
Some years ago I used to be a landscape designer and it was a great profession at that time. But sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns which you can never predict. One such unexpected turn in my life was becoming a critical alignment yoga therapist. And it all started after I attended a CAT-Y workshop back in 2015. And I attended it for a reason.

From my early childhood, I felt hunched and therefore weak. After giving birth my back problems became even more aggravated. Obviously, I tried all sorts of different treatments - sport, physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy. Some things did help a bit, others didn't at all. Anyway, the therapeutic effect didn't last for long and within a couple of months the pains would come back. By that time, I had been diagnosed with a hernia in my lower back. Twice I fell because of the sharp and unexpected pain in the lower back. The sharp pains gradually subsided and I learned to somehow coexist with my hernia, although I often felt fatigue and that something was constantly bothering me between my shoulder blades.

And then I find myself at a critical alignment workshop. One of the first exercises - the double strap for the upper back. To say it hurt is to say nothing at all, by the end of the exercise my shoulders were shivering even though we were just lying. But after the class I experienced a lightness I hadn't felt for many years. I went home with a strap.

From that moment critical alignment quickly became part of my life. I passed the CA therapy course in April 2017 and met Gert van Leeuwen in person. He impressed me a lot and inspired me to explore and understand the method deeper. Since then I have passed the CA therapy course once again, CA yoga course and 5 retreats (in Valday and France). My learning continues.

The sharp pain was gone after around 2 months of regular practice, but my alignment is in still in progress, as is my learning, understanding, and helping and accepting of myself. I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience with others and I do it with great pleasure, because I know what pain, constant fatigue and weakness feel like. Such an interesting world is waiting out there and you need energy and power to live it fully and to enjoy life.

12:00 - 13:00 CA-YOGA J-SPINE UPPER BACK 60'
13:00 - 14:00 CA-YOGA J-SPINE LOWER BACK 60'
08:30 - 10:00 After CA-Therapy 90'
10:00 - 11:30 CA Yoga BEGINNERS 90'
18:30 - 20:30 CA Yoga BEGINNERS 120'
08:00 - 09:00 CA Therapy 60'
10:00 - 12:00 CA Yoga BEGINNERS 120'

  • Учительский курс терапии по методу Критического выравнивания 2017
  • Учительский курс терапии по методу Критического выравнивания 2018
  • Учительский курс йоги по методу Критического выравнивания 2018
  • Ретрит с Хертом ван Льюэном. Валдай, Май 2017
  • Ретрит с Хертом ван Льюэном, Франция, Август 2017
  • Ретрит с Хертом ван Льюэном. Валдай, Октябрь 2017
  • Ретрит с Хертом ван Льюэном, Франция,Июль 2018
  • Ретрит с Хертом ван Льюэном. Валдай, Октябрь 2018
  • Нулевая учительская неделя с Хертом Ван Льюэном. Июль 2018
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