Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Anohin Petr
Pain, weakness and limitations in my movement abilities/ambitions brought me to critical alignment yoga.

«eing a martial arts teacher for over 10 years, I was used to expecting quick results from my body without paying attention to its needs and not listening to what it was telling me. This suddenly changed after a few old injuries manifested themselves and there were only 2 options left: surgery with a very long recovery period, or an attempt to negotiate with my own body. And that's how I got to know this method.

After I started CATY classes I came to realization, that regardless how serious and painful our physical or emotional problems are - we can often resolve them by just merely sending our attention there.

Critical alignment is not only about pain relief and curing old injuries. Having set a healthy spine as our primary goal, we gain access to mobilizing and strengthening other parts of our body. Relaxed shoulders and neck, strong arms, stable knees and pelvis: a healthy spine, which can transfer the weight and pass the movement correctly, is the foundation for it all. It will help you to "accept" gravity and make use of it.

That's how I understand yoga and what I am willing to teach you.
19:30 - 20:30 CA Yoga-Therapy 60'

  • Сертификат терапевта по методу Критического выравнивания (Critical Alignment Therapist).
  • Свиток Мокуроку Школы Тэнсинсе-дэн Kатори Cинто-рю, Отакэ-ха.
  • Четвертый дан Кюдо.
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