Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
CA Yoga 55+
These classes are the physical retirement of your life. Becoming older doesn't necessarily mean that we lose the positive connection with our bodies.

In CA 55+ classes, we give attention to essential parts of the body in the opposite way to what we might ordinarily do in daily life. Even older students living with years of accumulated tension see their alignment improve after each class. Their mobility and energy levels mobility increase. Fears about the uncertain future of aging turns into a relationship with the body relation based on trust and confidence.

Bodies that have experienced illness or injury can radiate still energy and self-confidence.

These classes challenge students in a mild and gentle way, but still there is the challenge of progress. Instead of accepting our issues, doing a little less every year, these classes help students to release tension and increase mobility.

You don't need to perform the asanas perfectly. The teachers know how to modify the exercises in ways that suit your needs. Some students might feel, 'I've left it for too long' or 'everyone else in the class will be better or more flexible than I am. But don't worry: your development in Critical Alignment can begin from any starting position. Our teachers give proper care to everyone.

There is no judgement or competition in these classes. We are here to improve the fulfillment of our needs together.
90 min
1 000 rub
1 lesson
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