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CA Yoga J-Spine
J-spine classes are a special feature of the CAY approach to alignment.

It is (still) medical dogma that the upper back should be rounded. We don't agree with that.

Gert van Leeuwen, the founder of CAT/Y, found through careful observation, deep practice and decades of teaching experience that, when the upper back becomes straighter, many pains in other parts of the body disappear. And, as a bonus, the body will have a structure based on strength.

Gert calls the upper back 'the source of all our tensions'. When the upper back starts to curve, it becomes increasingly immobile, causing compensatory movements elsewhere. If you are an office worker, the neck and shoulders often become overworked, as you are forced to sit for many hours per day. Then, during sports activities, this upper back immobility causes the lower back to become overworked. This cascading effect may further generate problems in the area below: the hips and knees.

J-spine classes teach you how to use your spine in such a way that sitting and sports activities become safe.

For sports, we need strength, not strain. Strength, according to CAT/Y, is related to the free passage of movement through the spine. The free passage of movement activates the deepest and most powerful strength system in our body: our postural muscles, or reflex strength.

It not only makes you stronger in your performance but, above all, it creates safety. Decades of experience with thousands of students have shown that it is CAT/Y reduces the risk of sport and workplace injuries.

For yoga practitioners from other styles, it is important to know that the J-spine makes your practice safe and joyful. The freedom of movement it creates brings the meditative aspect of yoga to your asana practice.

Also for your convenience, we have divided the J-Spine class 120 minutes into 2 parts - Lower back and Upper back in the afternoon so that you can only go to one part, if limited in time.
90 min
1 000 rub
1 lesson
60 min
700 rub
1 lesson
60 min
700 rub
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