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CA Therapy
Critical Alignment Therapy
CAT students begin with a 60-minute private assessment. During the assessment, a Critical Alignment therapist listens to your story and the history of your complaint(s). After the conversation and a brief physical examination (that includes, for example, looking at your posture while sitting), the therapist will offer advice on how CAT can be tailored to meet your needs.

CAT is different from other physical therapies, which your therapist will explain. It will help you to develop a certain attitude through which you feel as responsible as the therapist in the process of healing.

Healing strongly depends on the depth of relaxation. Some students are able to go into deep relaxation from the beginning; others are fearful of releasing tension. In either case, it's not the method or therapist making that decision for you. The therapist can explain the exercises and what makes them safe, and the method gives you the tools for the release. But you are the only one who can make the decision to move in to relaxation.

During the assessment, the therapist might suggest that you to take one or two private sessions before joining group sessions. Some students need extra care and guidance before feeling ready to join the group classes.

The CAT assessment comes with a 10-class pass, paid together. When you make the decision to join, we offer you one of the Critical Alignment tools, a rubber strip, as a welcome gift.

During the assessment, your therapist will advise you to practise at home. These exercises are in group classes but very many people feel uncertain about practicing without a teacher present. You can do a private session with one of our therapists to help you feel comfortable doing the exercises independently.

It is allowed to record a private session like that to use it only for yoursef. That stimulates many to practice in between the classes.

Class After CA-Therapy 90'
Many people want to continue their practice after their complaint disappears or once they have learned how to manage it through what they have learned in the therapy classes.

However, the step from a therapy class to a beginners class is, for many, too big. For this reason, we offer an 'after therapy' class.

In After Therapy classes, the first part of the session continues the focus on therapy. The second part of the class provides an introduction to each group of yoga postures: standing poses, forward bends, backbends and rotations.

Even if you never expected it to happen, step by step, you begin to feel more secure in the execution of the asanas, until you feel confident enough to make the step to the general beginners' classes.
Private assessment
60 min
4 500 rub
10-classes pass of 60 min each, valid for 3 months
16 000 rub
Single visit
1 900 rub
for 1 lesson
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