Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow


From my early life I felt always that I liked to move; to dance, to do gymnastics. I felt a relief doing that and I was able to express myself through movement.
When I was 16 , I experienced my firtst yogaclass, my teacher of gymnastic was also a yogateacher.
She was able to let me feel my body in totally new way; with much more awerness and more attention to breathing.
Later from the age of 18-20 my interest in the spiritual side of Yoga and other eastern teachings grew.
From that time my interest and practice of yoga stayed with me.

Around the corner of my street I found a small yoga studio and a teacher (Gert), where after the first class, I never went away.
I found the physical challenge and depth. I learned about my resistance and how to search for more opening and contact with my self trough my body.
Because I stayed I was able to see how Critical Alignment Yoga developed into the strong method it is nowadays. I was there when we experimented with the rolls, the strips, the backbender and the headstander. When the books were written and how the therapeutic part of yoga was developed.
I feel very priviliged I could take part and witness this beautiful process.
Teaching Yoga was not my ambition, but it came very natural. Not that I was not nervous to teach, but the moment I was in the group, moving and breathing together with the people, I felt energy and connection.

Thanks to a strong base of technique and logic in physics, and how to build up a class, I felt secure as a teacher. Although I had to get used to a different kind of talking. As if I was learning a new kind of language. And I learned about the words and the tone in which I had to speak. Through the tone I stayed connected to the people .

Specially through teaching in therapeutic classes and meditation classes I learned to see behind the physical habits of clients.
And I learned to deepen my knowlege about the psychological path and habits we develop during the years.
For me this is an ongoing process, endless. And I feel grateful to work as a CAT-Y Teacher.

It does not feel as work, but as if I move with people, we connect, we breath together, we live together.
Personally my growth has been in the feelings of lightness and space, specially connecting with gravity.
The process now is feeling that mobility I become aware of, does not make me feel lost or unstable, but secure and independent.
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