Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Meditation deals with the question 'Who am I'?
Do we know ourselves? Our strategies, our negative sides, our tensions?
These philosophical questions are very often approached from thinking and analysis.

Thought is the general approach of classical meditation techniques. Or rather, the absence of thought is the goal we need to reach. How can the absence of thought create healthy thinking? The body gives us an answer to this intriguing question.

According CAY, the tension in our thinking and the tension in our body are one movement. The connective negative force which reaches both the body and our brain is stress. By breaking the tensions in our body we break the mental tensions we have built up based on trauma and cultural conditioning.

Gradually, we move away from the old stressful images which are stored in our subconscious emotional brain.
Through the body, we can reach our subconscious and change on that deep level.

When we go deeper in the release of body tension, new feelings arise: connective feelings, as we call them. These feelings are non-violent and restore our sense of safety.

Feeling safe in your body counters old images of fear. Finally, we are able to move from a fearful dependent brain, which carries our images from childhood, into a independent brain, which is free of these negative images in here and now.

When a fearless brain begins to connect itself with a body that radiates safety, there is stillness.
Total stillness does not mean emptiness; rather, it is a stillness full of energy, joy and care.

It is the energy of support and giving care to all.

This silent brain is empathetic. It could perhaps be compared with the silence in the brains of astronauts the moment they turn around and see the planet Earth hanging in space for the first time. They see how local conflicts dissolve in this vulnerable image, and feelings of care and responsibility start to arise.

Experiencing our body as a whole, without fear or conflict, may give us a similar experience of compassion to all on this planet. And we feel the energy to act according to these values.
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