Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow
Shelestova Daria
Before Critical Alignment came into my life in 2017, I'd been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa-flow yoga styles for almost 5 years. After 15 years of ballroom dancing, my body was flexible and strong enough. I grew up in a competitive atmosphere, always trying to achieve higher results in championships and in life.

This mindset had been there since childhood, and when I finished my dancing career and dived into the new world of yoga, these old patterns were still in operation.

After extensive practice, deep backbends and challenging asanas, my body started to hurt and signal to me that something was going in the wrong direction.

When I met Gert and his method, my approach literally changed 100% and did a 180 degree turn.
Instead of being exhausted after practice and teaching, I became more energized and relaxed.

The whole world is chasing after perfection and the best results, but they simply don't exist.

Being in deep connection with yourself and with others, nourishing love to yourself and to others, listening to your real needs and observing that others also have the same problems, pain and fears - that what I learned through Critical Alignment.

I am happy to be a representative of this life-and-body changing method, and I am happy to free people from their suffering: both physical and mental.

See you on a mat!
11:30 - 13:00 CA Yoga BEGINNERS 90'
11:30 - 13:00 CA Yoga BEGINNERS 90'

  • 2014 курсы преподавателей Хатха-йоги клуба
  • 2015 курс «Анатомия и йога» Силков Юрий, центр йоги «Прана»
  • 2016 курсы преподавателей йоги центра «Прана», Галаев М., Демин Д., Зайев В., Буланова О.
  • 2017 апрель курс для преподавателей - Йогатерапия Критического Выравнивания, Москва, Херт Ван Льюэн
  • 2017 июль Ретрит по ЙКВ, Франция, Херт Ван Льюэн
  • 2017 ноябрь курс Йогатерапия КВ с Яколин Норден
  • 2017 октябрь Ретрит ЙКВ, Валдай, Херт Ван Льюэн
  • 2018 февраль Йогатерапия Критического Выравнивания, Москва, Херт Ван Льюэн
  • 2018 июль Ретрит по ЙКВ, Франция Херт Ван Льюэн
  • 2018 сентябрь Йога Критического Выравнивания, Москва, Херт Ван Льюэн
  • 2018 октябрь Ретрит ЙКВ Валдай, Херт Ван Льюэн
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