Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga
Institute, Moscow


18:00 - 20:00
Yakimanskiy per., 6, Moscow
September 21, 2019 for beginners
September 22, 2019 for intermediate

Workshop by Gert Van Leeuwen

According to Gert van Leeuwen, the founder of the Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga Institute, stress and trauma create a physical response in our body that leads to symptoms such as rounding of the upper back and blocking out of the shoulders and neck. He says that these issues can result in headaches, chronic tiredness and constant discomfort and tension in the body.

Nowadays, the consequences of stress are considered to be the number one cause of death, so we are talking about a very serious issue here.

Rounding in the upper spine and accumulating tension in muscles make our body stiff and less sensitive. When doing yoga we usually try to stretch the muscles and mobilize our hips and shoulders.

But what about the spine? How to bring lightness and strength to the spine?
You can practice and hear this theory first hand in classes with the founder of the critical alignment method.
    This new style of yoga (Critical Alignment Yoga, or CAY) and a new yoga therapy method (Critical Alignment Therapy, or CAT) are now widely accepted in many places throughout the world. Gert leads the Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy school in Amsterdam, and he travels widely to train yoga teachers and therapists in his method.

    His book is available in Dutch, English and Russian.
    Gert van Leeuwen is a Dutch yoga teacher, who has been studying the spine for over 40 years looking into why we develop back issues. At the age of 18 he worked at a retirement home reception desk. Every day at work, he saw the residents passing by, shuffling and cramped in their bodies. Reading about yoga, he thought to himself, 'This could be different'. Gert started to practice yoga and, when his first teacher asked him if he wanted to become a yoga teacher, he said 'yes' without any doubt.

    Gradually, step-by-step, Gert started to evolve what he had learned through the Iyengar method. Gert's practice was built on a strong anatomical and psychological foundation, connected to modern science, with the absence of hierarchy and fear. It took 20 years of research, practice and observation before he was able to present his newly developed style to the world, through the publication of his book, Critical Alignment Yoga, in 2012.
    Inversions in Critical Alignment Yoga - the key to lightness and strength in the spine
    How to obtain lightness through inversions using the headstander
    How to receive strength through the shoulder stand and what it means for our daily life
    For those who
    have recently started practicing critical alignment yoga and those who practice other yoga styles but want to discover the method first hands
    September 21. Beginner's level

    The price for 10 early birds only!

    3 000 rub.

    September 22. Intermediate level
    How to protect your lower back in backbends
    How to see your "fighting" survival strategy during the practice
    For those who
    have experience in critical alignment yoga or other yoga styles
    How to open your heart region in the backbends without losing the connection with your inner self
    Safe backbends and how not to lose the connection with your inner world
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    September 21, 2019. Critical Alignment Therapy&Yoga Istitute, Moscow
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    September 22, 2019. Critical Alignment Therapy&Yoga Istitute, Moscow
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